a team of young people learning what it means to have gifts from God to use for His glory…and how powerful they are when we step back and let Him use them…

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

dance class begins!

week 1 of ALIVE: Move - 
we had 8 sweet little girls come this week and have their first dance class with Ashley.
they were so sweet!
i love it.
i love that God not only gives us gifts - 
but gives us other people who can help us learn to USE them,
and opportunities to try them out.

and i love that the very thing that brings us so much joy - 
is the same thing He's calling us to use to worship Him,
for His glory.

amazing right?
so pray for these classes that God will continue to show up for these sweet little girls who are learning what it means to use their dance to worship God.

love it.


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